Velkomin/nn á síðuna mína*

*Translation: Welcome to my page. 
I accidentally deleted my webpage, remade it (twice) and now its finally up and running again.

Front page is news page, scroll down for some fun

I’m the definition of ‘I-miss-the-early-internet’ and ‘why-did-everyone-stop-blogging?’ so I dealt with the problem and made a blog. 

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Tatjana, vocalist of the band ex.girls for their, latest album ‘Verk’, release concert. 
Wearing custom-made headpiece, old acne studios top, no-brand sequin maxi skirt (worn as dress), zara kitten sling-backs and dead-stock vintage nylon socks. Make-up also by me.

Fitting Room, 2019
         Fitting RoomShort snippet from a videoshot collaboration — Meant to be projected in a hologram setting so the viewer gets the idea of sneak-peeking into a fitting room. 

Model: Zoe Saibou.
Fashion Designer: Rose Redhead.
Video and editing: Margrét Unnur.
Styling: Anastasia Bettin. 
Content creating: Arina Balas, Lilli Martiny and 
Lucia Wöhe.

Olympic Sweat by Ultraflex, 2020.
         Cover art for the single Olymic Sweat.
Photos: Margrét Unnur.
Graphic Design: Gréta Þorkelsdóttir.

Caprisun by Cyber, 2019.
        Cover art for the single Caprisun.
Photos: Margrét Unnur.
Graphic design: Gréta Þorkelsdóttir.